As usual, what is written below, is subject to change or being rescinded.

We believe in Equality therefore we will not be referring to our Team, other than Team Members.

We will treat each T/M with respect, dignity and fairly, and each will be able to make suggestions.

We will involve each T/M in most decisions, especially those concerning them.

Our goal is to employ unskilled Humans, 35+, who will be trained in transferrable skills.

Part Time, 16-20 hours per week $400-$500 Base rate +20% super and $1 per completed candle.

Full-Time 40 Hours per week, but paid 38. Will receive 1 paid day off per month. $1000 +20% super and $1 per completed candle.

Hours: Monday to Friday 07:00–17:00, yes, it’s 10 hours, but breaks will be unpaid.

Breaks: 30 Minutes each for morning and afternoon tea. 1 Hour for lunch.

Vegan Food and Drinks provided.

Friday will be casual with Free Pizzas and booze.

Team Members can elect to have their breaks reduced.

Each Team Member will be trained in all areas of the business:





General Office,




We envisage being a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), however, if that does not occur, then T/M’s will be able to attend Classroom Training, 1 or 2 days per week, paid of course.

We want to help Everyday Humans succeed, both Career and Financially Wise.

We will also allow flexibility in the workplace for new parents, and Winners battling Illness.

Hopefully there will be a Child-Minding space, so parents can work and still be close to their offspring.

If anybody reading this is unemployed, my suggestion is request all your loved ones to Become a Business Partner, so you will have the chance to be employed, especially those of you who reside in Melbourne, Australia. What an awesome Christmas present that would be.

T/M Leave Benefits:

Hatching Anniversary, Paid Day Off, with a possible bonus.

12 days Sick Leave.

Additional 12 days Personal Leave.

5 weeks Annually.

Additional Bonus: Leave days can accrue into the following calendar year, or paid out in cash, T/M’s can decide.

Overtime will be paid at 20% above normal rate, or T/M’s can elect to not be paid and instead take time off in lieu.

T/M’s will share in 10% of Annual After Tax Profits, paid early November.

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