Work Smarter, Not Harder

Smart People are Wealthy, because They Invest more of their income. Poor people stay poor, because They spend all of their income And Exist Beyond their means. Many poor people have a Take, Take, Take, Others Owe Them. Everyone has the capabilities of FINANCIAL FREEDOM. If you live in Australia, you may be able toContinue reading “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

Regrets Hurt.

Claire Baire (Not Her Real Name) 28/06/1965-08/11/1994. 27 years ago today, this stunnelicious beauty was called home to become an Angel. I miss and Love You so much Claire Baire. From the moment we met, Monday February 2nd, 1970, you stole my heart. And have had the Quay to it ever since. We had soContinue reading “Regrets Hurt.”

Monday Motivation

Did You Know? Brainwashed humans all. put their eggs in 1 basket, then complain when things go wrong. 2020 should be an example. Wealthy humans have multiple baskets, therefore, if 1 fails, they have more to rely on. Every human can have multiple baskets, if they opened their eyes & minds. Buying a Business PartnershipContinue reading “Monday Motivation”