Candle/s Of The Month Club

COTM Members will receive 10% commission, per member who renews each month/year. Β© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022 First Up: The below costs may be reduced, if enough initial funds raised for us to bulk buy everything required: Wax Melter/s, Candle Holders, Wicks, Labels, Colours, Scents, Soy Wax Flakes, Warning Labels, Packaging. Club MembersContinue reading “Candle/s Of The Month Club”

1 Month Free Accommodation

Free Business Partnership/Investment. Do you have an ABN and seeking a long term Investment? Every person who buys my eBooks, direct from me, for $25, all 10, Or you can buy my exclusive eNovel bundle. And my Vegan Cabin Park is established, by late 2022: Will be eligible for 31 nights free accommodation. If enoughContinue reading “1 Month Free Accommodation”

Subscriber Donations.

Update: All Subscribers will receive 2 candles during their Birth Month, and thst months subscription will be waived. 1st 10,000 who subscribe. Please be advised: The monthly cost is now $30 AUD per subscription. $5 will be split 5 ways and donated to various charities. $1 each to: Cancer Research: Transgender Support: Mental Health: Children’sContinue reading “Subscriber Donations.”