Transgender Children

Why are children capable of deciding what food, drinks and people they like, yet when a child knows they are Transgender, all the negatives come out. Sorry but either humans accept that a child knows and is trusted, or dismiss all their choices and decisions, until they are Legal Adults. Transgender Children know at aContinue reading “Transgender Children”


To all the amazing Fathers, I wish you a super fantabulous day and hope you receive everything you deserve. I’m especially proud of all the Fathers who have accepted their Transgender Children. Some, like mine, are no longer here, but are still in our hearts and minds. A Father Is for Life and beyond. ForContinue reading “HAPPY FATHERS DAY”

Trans Day Of Visibility

Today, we remember those who lost their lives, because of narrow minded people. I celebrate the day to thank those who came before us to pave the way. Jazz Jennings sums it best too. Children know who they are at a young age, therefore should be listened to. Everyone is human and deserves to beContinue reading “Trans Day Of Visibility”

Why Are Cis Gender Children Not Questioned About Their Gender Identity And/Or Sexual Orientation?

Controversial, I know, But, it needs to be said. I’m sick to death of how many people will always be negative about LGBTIQA+ under 18’s, yest Cis gender ones are not. Children know at a young age what and who they are. I knew at 4 that I was a gurl, but because it wasContinue reading “Why Are Cis Gender Children Not Questioned About Their Gender Identity And/Or Sexual Orientation?”