Exciting Update: When 1,000 renew each month, 100 Subscribers will be randomly selected to receive 2 Candles.

If a Subscriber lives in Melbourne, Australia, they will receive their candle/s delivered, personally by our CCM/Founder Melissa Jensen.

$30 AUD per candle per month per subscriber.

Or $300 Annually.

As Australia is slowly opening up, YOU can pay off your first subscription $5 per month per candle.

You can pay off your initial annual subscription over 6 months at $50 per month.

Annual Subscribers receive a logoed/named Coffee Mug & Calendar during November each year.

This will allow us to bulk purchase our supplies.

We envisage starting production during February 2022.

With first subscribers receiving their candles early March.

Subscribers will choose their combination of candle.

2 colours and scents included in each candle.

$1 each additional colour & scent.

Our advice is to save delivery costs, arrange for your neighbours, friends, family, etc. to become subscribers too.

If you wish to subscribe in bulk, please contact us and we will see what sort of deal we can organise for you.

Please email us

Please ensure you include Subscriber in the subject line.

All payments MUST be electronic direct to our Australian (CBA) bank Account or Wise account.

Details will be provided once we know which payment method is preferred.

Please check our ABN details at

ABN is 61902818410.

Currently: A Sole Trader, but will change the details.

Added Incentive:

Once MCC is established, Subscribers will also receive a monthly bonus.

Each candle burns for 18+ hours, which works out to $1.40 per hour.

We will use Plant based materials, where possible.

$1 credit per candle holder, when returned and can be upcycled.

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