Family Is More Than Blood

We can choose who we call Family.

Not every1 has a stable “Blood Family.”

I don’t.

Growing up, we are forced to associate with people who most would not normally be worthy of our effort.

If I could have changed some of my family, I would have.

Most of our “Blood Family” will lie to us, for many reasons, the most popular: “Your Best Interests.”

However, once a person turns 16, they have the right to decide what is their best interests are.

We are Individuals, therefore should be treated as such.

Shappy Saturday

G’Gay all. I hope we all have an amazing weekend planned.

Yes I put G’Gay, because I’m a member of the LGBTIQA+ Community.

My ultimate goal in life is to establish a Support Centre for Transgenders, which will include Housing, Employment, Training.

This centre will be funded from eBook Royalties.

I also hope to assist Transgenders obtain their surgeries too, because everyone deserves to be fulfilled and feel complete too.

Until November 8th, 2021, my eBooks are 50-75% off $0.99-$1.99 USD each.

Titles are:

“Mel’s Journey To Gurlhood Part 1” Part 2 is available too. This is a continuing series, about a 9 year old boys journey to gurlhood. Non-Sexual. I end each part on a cliff-hanger. Chapter 1.10 has facts about Australia in the 1970’s.

“Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence.” This is my true story, where I reveal many hidden secrets about myself, some I only remembered in recent years.

“2 (Unique) Gurls.” This is the story about me and another TransGurl, however, due to others interfering and telling lies about me, it ended. There are other stories included.

“Lauren’s (Transsexual) Journey.” This is the story of a friends transition in 1950’s Australia.

“2 (Unique) Gurls–Erotic Version. ” This is pure fiction and not recommended for under 21’s. Transgender and Lesbian Themed.

“Mel’s Magical Transformation Adventures.” This is about a dream I had during lockdown 1 March 2020. Total Fiction. Again Transgender and Lesbian Themed, with Tragedy.

“Mark’s Controlling Father.” I wrote this to rid my body of my anger towards my father, but realised there were many questions answered, and explains why I am the person I am today.

“Body Swap Murder Mystery.” The fictional story of 2 teens who are kidnapped, then body swapped, but then accused of murder. Transgender and Lesbian Themes.

“What Happened To “J’s” Mum?” Story of a woman who gets pregnant, but then after giving birth, disappears. Lesbian. This also includes Strippers.

I know this is my candle website, but I like to help others out.

Smashwords is an online eDistributor of many hidden, talented Indie Authors. Its free to sign up. Every so often, there are sales offered. Each Author determines the price, not a multi national conglomerate.

Customers get to choose the format to download in.

The 1st link is direct to my biography.

2nd is my affiliate link.

My advice: It doesn’t cost to have a look, who knows what little hidden gem you will find.

I hope you all have a Super Amazing Weekend.

Please stay Safe, but enjoy and relax.

Exciting Opportunity

Call me Stupid, but is this offer outrageous?

I’ve decided to reduce the once off joining fee dramatically, but only limited Memberships.

$15 AUD. Limited to 25,000 Club Members only, who will receive:

Founding Club Member (FCM) Benefits.

Each FCM will have the option of receiving my eNovel bundle or not.

Added Bonus: Eligible for a $15 discount on first candle order, once MCC is established.


Invited to my 60th, 1965 Themed, Birthiversary Parties, during May, 2025. I say parties, as I plan to host many during that month.

Extra Special Bonus:

Every human members encourage, will receive a 20% commission, per new member.

Frinky Friday

Who Loves Candles, & would love to earn extra $$$$$$ £££££££ €€€€€€£ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥.

Did you know that wealthy humans take advantage of Business Opportunities. They never put their eggs in 1 basket, just in case.

Everyday humans can start their journey to financial freedom.

I offer an affordable way to start your journey.

There may be Taxation benefits too, please check your countries tax websites to find out about home based businesses.

I have written 10 novels, each is Transgender, & Lesbian themed.

Every human who owns a bundle, $15 AUD, will, once MCC is established, be eligible to receive $15 off their first candle order.

Single titles are $2 AUD each or 3 for $5 AUD.

Each copy is personally customised by me. You choose Font Style, Colour/s, & Size.

I watermark & lock each, they are numbered, then save in .doc format & email to you.

$5 AUD deposit with balance once completed.

Added bonus: You receive a Free Club Membership to MCC.

Every bundle owner, 25,000, will be invited to my 60th, 1965 themed, Birthday parties in Melbourne during May 2025.

2gether, we can rock the Universe.

Plan Ahead.

Sorry if this is depressing or morbed, however, we all need to plan ahead.

First Up: Funeral. Now, no1 knows when the end will come.

My advice is take out Funeral Insurance, & make sure your beneficiary is some1 you trust. Write your funeral wishes, & give them to your beneficiary.

Next up: Ensure you have a Will, so that your assets go to those YOU want, & this alleviates any bickering, well should reduce it anyway.

No 3: Always have written agreements with everything:

Friendships, Relationships, Work Places, etc.

Having written agreements, helps every1 know where they stand & have proof if anything goes wrong.

Life Is Short. Regrets Hurt.

Please be nice to everyone, because you never know when your time is up.

If there’s anyone, or anything in your past who you treates badly, why not reconnect with them.

Regtting past things, hurts. I know, because I regret not following my heart and talking to my super amazing:

Claire Baire, in 1979. I hurt her, so I’m punishing myself.

Lets learn from the past couple of years, and personally, concern for our State Premier, currently in ICU.

Transgender Charity Donation.

G’day Stunnelicious Humans.

Every owner will, once MCC established, receive $15 off their first candle, as a Thank You from me.

Every bundle owned, the following will occur:

$5 AUD Deposit, balance upon completion.

$8.50 Set aside to establish MCC.

$1.50 Donated to a Transgender Support Charity, To Be Named.

$5 My Gender Surgery Fund.

To read samples of each title, please click on link below.

Seymour is my public Author name, however, bundles have my real surname Jensen.

Comfort Zones R Lazy Zones.

Most people feel happy in these zones, however

May never truly have personal growth.

We are all brainwashed from a young age, to do well in school, select a career, then find a:




And stay there until you retire.


I believe everyone is more than capable of achieving greatness.

Either: More Money, or Assets.

Thinking outside may be scary, but life is short.

We should take advantage of every opportunity offered to us.

Granted Comfort Zones have their advantages, however, in light of the past 2 years, everyone should be rethinking their situation.

Honestly, everyone should have Plan B, C, D, E.

Having extra income may be great.

Following applies to Australia, I advise you check your countries Tax Office Website.

I’ll explain:

If you chose to invest in a Business, I highly recommend obtaining an ABN, free if you apply via ABR, which is then linked to your TFN. Sole Trader is best to begin with. 1 Tax Return only.

Most outgoing costs associated with your investment are Tax Deductible, meaning, you may reduce your Tax Bill but increase your refund.

My advice too, is do your research, talk to the owner of the potential business.

Please never be after a quick $$$$$$$$ as they are scams, the only person/s who benefit are the scammers.

Genuine Businesses will always provide written agreements, but no genuine business will provide guarantees of success, no one can.

Investors need to be in it for a long term 2+ years.

Did You Know? If the business fails and you lose your investment, you may be able to claim that as a loss on your Tax return.

I can assure everyone, I will be totally transparent with MCC. Investors/Members will always be provided access to Financial Accounts upon written request.


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