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Did You Know?

Brainwashed humans all. put their eggs in 1 basket, then complain when things go wrong.

2020 should be an example.

Wealthy humans have multiple baskets, therefore, if 1 fails, they have more to rely on.

Every human can have multiple baskets, if they opened their eyes & minds.

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Transgender Children

Why are children capable of deciding what food, drinks and people they like, yet when a child knows they are

Transgender, all the negatives come out.

Sorry but either humans accept that a child knows and is trusted, or dismiss all their choices and decisions, until they are



Transgender Children know at a young age that they are Transgender, or at least different.

I knew at age 4 that I was a gurl, but 1970 Australia, it was unheard of to be


I only trusted 1 person: Claire Baire.

I had to live my life how others expected me too.

This contributed to my dilema and, unknown then, Depression.

School was a nightmare. I was called: Faggot, Weird, Drain on Society.

Other children lied about me.

I was viciously assaulted and left to die, this assault, at 16, caused me to be infertile and left me with very little interest in anything physical.

I was even told to:

“Do The World A Favour & Drop Dead.”

That last statement was a cousin.

I never had access to any written materials to know what or who I was.

If anybody reading this has children, please listen to them and allow them to express their feelings.

The younger a person is when they transition, the better their bodies will react positively to the hormones.

Also: Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation are 2 very separate things,

Even if someone identifies as the opposite gender, does not mean they are seeking relationships with those of their assigned birth gender,


Like me,


Everyone is Human, and we deserve to be

Listened to, no matter what.

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Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence is my true story.

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Today, Thursday, September 9th, 2021 is


This is why I’m posting this blog.

If anyone feels suicidal please reach out, as there is lots of help out there, I know, until early 2020, I was suicidal, Daily.

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

Growing up I was taught to respect others, which I did, even if I didn’t agree with their narrow minded views.

I still try to respect others, not easy at times, especially when I’m not respected.

Respect works both ways.

If you want to be respected, then how about respecting others.

I think about how I want to be treated by others, then put it into practice.

Many young people today, those under 25, have no respect for anybody else.

Recently, I was travelling home, in a bad mood, when some youths boarded, sans Face Masks, but started playing loud music, feet on the seats and using offensive language. I also feel they graffitied the lavatory. How do I know? I’ve cleaned enough lavatories and graffiti; I know the smell of spray paint and felt markers.

Over the years, I’ve trusted people who have then gone and disrespected me and my privacy, because they felt like it.

I now stay quiet and reveal very little about myself, even when I know someone well, it can take some time for me to open up.

Everyone is Equal, No Matter Who We Are and should be:










I also believe that Privacy is Paramount too.

My advice to everyone reading this:

Please treat everyone how


Want to be treated.








Are Such Important Qualities.

In my long life, I’m 56, I have done many, varied jobs. Some great, with amazing bosses, others terrible with toxic bosses.

What I’ve found, the good ones respect their staff, the bad will always be critical and be nasty.

Some of the jobs I’ve done have been:

Parcel Delivery Driver, Courier, Bus Driver, Kitchenhand, Blood Delivery Driver, Train and Station Cleaner, Mystery Shopper/Auditor, Contract House Cleaner.

In each job, I’ve been treated badly by many people, who would go on power trips to big note themselves.

In my opinion, each disrespected me because they had no respect for themselves.

Even people I’ve worked with were the same.

Respect is earned not given.

Too many people seem to think they must be respected automatically but won’t show the same consideration.

We are currently in a major Pandemic, which you would think people would start to take a step back and reassess their lives.

No, I have not seen anyone doing that.

Instead too many are being selfish and complacent.

Until people start respecting others and doing the right thing, the world, well certainly Australia and New Zealand, will continue to have lockdowns.

As much as I’m enjoying being home, I would much rather be at my customers homes, cleaning them.

Just because someone is older, does not mean they are over the hill, or dumb or deserves to be ignored.

As long as a person is still breathing and capable of carrying out most day to day activities, then they deserve to be respected.

As I said, I try respecting others where possible.

My Policy:

You Ignore me or treat me disrespectfully; I’ll do the same thing.

To me Respect is listening to others, about how they are feeling, and if they don’t want to talk, then respect those wishes.

The only time, I believe in interfering is if the person seems suicidal or starts putting other’s lives in danger.

I recently attended an online meeting, some of you reading this were there, and we discussed about R U Ok, and we all should be looking out for each other, guiding each other too, because no one knows when we might be in the same position.

We all need help at times, having someone respecting us and how we are feeling, can help boost our mood.

I can tell you, until COVID started, I was a very depressed, negative person, but since attending online meetings, and I was Group Leader for one, I’ve changed my outlook on life.

Being connected to and with so many amazing winners, both online and in real life, has changed me.


Please Respect Everyone YOU come In Contact With,



Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

G’Gay: Many people confuse both as one in the same, however, they are 2 very separate things.

I know, because from the age of 4, when I knew I was a gurl, I was confused.

Most children are brainwashed by their Families growing up to be “Normal,” but what is normal?

Normal is being happy, living safe, enjoyable, stress free lives, and being able to love whom our generous hearts desire, not what society dictates.

As long as both are 18+.

Just because someone identifies as one gender, does not mean they want to date someone of their assigned birth gender.

Some transition to female and exclusively date males, or to male and date females.

Some transition to female but still prefer females, or to male and date males.

Some are Bi-Sexual, or even Pan-Sexual.

I will explain what Pan-Sexual is: For one it is not dating pans. From what I understand, a person does not see gender, but instead attracted to a persons mind. If anyone reading this disagrees, please advise me, but this is from information gathered over the years.

Growing up was a confusing time for me, as I was taught that boys date girls, vice versa, but boys didn’t date boys or girls date girls, and heaven forbid, weirdo, freaks or perverts (I totally despise that term, especially about Transgenders).

I had an amazing girlfriend who for pre-teens, we loved each other, exactly what type, who knows, but our families were planning our wedding, we were still around 5 years old.

Unfortunately, because I was assigned male at birth, and my brainwashed mindset was that I couldn’t be a gurl but still date girls, I became an introvert, because I felt “Different.”

I honestly believed that to be a gurl, I had to date boys, was very young, all I wanted was to fit in.

That never happened, instead, was bullied, tormented and viciously assaulted.

This made things much worse for me, which resulted in me spending more and more time alone.

Unbeknown to others, I was also being molested by an older relative. This caused further problems for me, because I blamed myself for this.

I started thinking I was a faggot, especially after my 1st girlfriend broke up with me.

As this was the 1970’s and a minor, I was heavily controlled by my father, he decided what I did and who I saw.

Finally, at 17, I was working for a well known department store and happened to come across a book one day about a woman who had transitioned to a man. I then realised I was not alone.

It took me several more years to find support groups in the city I was residing.

I then found out that Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are 2 very separate things.

I would like to suggest to every winner reading this, please respect boundaries.

Please Never Assume Anything.

Education Is The Quay To Knowledge.

Asking Genuine Questions To Clarify Is Best.

Finally, Hope you laugh at this, but currently I identify as an Asexual TransBian.


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Did You Know? Home Based Businesses

Can be financially beneficial.

What I mention is Australian, but could apply anywhere around the world, you will need to check your own country’s tax rules.

How many of you get annoyed when big business pays little or no tax?

From my experience, they do pay tax, just intelligent about it.

How many of you enjoy the free beverages, food, vehicle use, office supplies & facilities provided at your workplace?

That’s how they do it, each of the above are tax deductions.

Everyday humans can receive the same benefits.

Applying for an ABN is easy, starting as a Sole Trader.

Ever thought about being reimbursed for lunch, coffee, dinner?

With an ABN, & eligible Business, if you obtain a receipt, it may be deductible.

Vehicle running costs too.

Please check out the link, as it details most common deductions.

FYI: If you become a Club Member of MCC, you might be able to claim the cost too, if you become a Representative/Distributor.

Many everyday humans don’t know about these benefits. I found out about them, during my short time, working for the ATO.