Warners Bay, NSW, Australia

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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

As promised this is the first blog about places I’ve stayed or visited.

1st up, I have not received any incentive to post this blog, my reason for posting is to educate and hopefully you may be interested in staying there once the world starts to open up.

In 2014, I stayed at this amazing hotel twice.

Both times, I was treated well by the staff.

The rooms are spacious, with tea and coffee making facilities.

Bistro, which is in front of the delivery truck, had affordable, top quality food.

As I have not stayed there in over 7 weeks, I’m unable to give a recent review.

There is a take away (Take Out) Bottle Shop.

Location is a short drive from the M1 Motorway from Sydney.

There is plenty to do in the region:

Belmont, Broadmeadow, Cardiff, Caves Beach, Glendale, Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay, Newcastle, New Lambton, Swansea, Williamtown, are all easy drives and each has amazing Tourist attractions or are Transport hubs.

I would highly recommend making this hotel your base.

All of the photos are from both stays.

Please check out their website to find out more up to date information

Please check out the photos below, all taken by Yours Truly.

I also provided a review on Google too, everyone is welcome to check it out and WATB responded too.

Who knows when you stay here, you may bump into me as I plan to stay once lockdowns are over, despite my apprehensions.

N.B. There are several people in this region who strongly dislike me, why I have no idea as I have never met them. This is also the area where “Chris” resides, last I heard.

Follow Your Heart.

I say that, because had I done that in 1979, my life may have been different.

I wanted to chase after my 1st gf when she broke up with me,


Was told:

“Forget Her, Move On & Find A Girl Who Will Love & Obey You.”

I didn’t agree with that statement then, nor still do today.

I have always regretted not running back and at least trying to chat with her.

Whether our relationship would have continued, or she told me to clear off, no one knows.

My advice to everyone is follow your heart, never regret anything as you know what will happen.

1 of the reasons why I’m an Author & potential Business Manager, is to help others out, because we all deserve to live:







I’m an Honest, Open, Transparent, Loyal Human, just like all of You Super Amazing Winners.


© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2021

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I’m 56 and want to achieve the following by the time I turn 60.

2021: Raise the Start Up Capital, via Business Partnerships. $25 AUD each to buy.

$1.25 Million could be raised.


Establish Mel’s Customised Candles with our first Production Studio in Melbourne, Australia.

At the beginning this studio will handle all worldwide candles, however, once the 2nd studio is established, Melbourne will handle:

Victoria, Southern NSW and ACT, Tasmania, SA and WA.

2nd studio will handle rest of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.

By end of 2022, want to have our second established, either Central Coast NSW, or Brisbane/Gladstone.

This will handle most international orders.


Have an RV purpose built, to tour Australia and make candles on site for customers/Business Partners.

End of 2023, Establish our first overseas Production Studio in Canada. Location has already been decided.

This studio will handle all of Canada, United States and South America


Establish our first European Production Studio in United Kingdom.

This studio will handle all of Europe, where permissible.

2025: I turn 60

2026: Semi Retire.

The best way for you to help, buy a Business Partnership

Annual After Tax Profit: $25 Million. This is all studios combined, not just the Australian ones.

My only happiness and goal in life:

See Everyday Winners





And enjoy



Each Production Studio will Employ around 100-500 Everyday Winners.

Plus we hope to have 50,000 Business Partners Worldwide.

New Blogs Coming.

Starting Soon, I will blog about places I’ve stayed at or visited:

Warners Bay, Lake Mcquarie, NSW, Australia.

Zetland, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Batemans Bay, South Coast, NSW, Australia.

Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

Funky Friyay 🐨🦘🌈💐🐨🦘🌈💐

G’day all. Well the weekend is almost upon us.

I want to wish everyone a Safe, Happy, Enjoyable, Legal Weekend.

Those in relationships, hope you all have a Romantic weekend planned.

I hope we are all observing Social Distancing too, also wearing masks & using hand sanitiser too.

I’m thinking about all of you, Super Amazing Humans.

Being Transgender Sux Updated September 2021.

G’day All, This blog today is to explain some things about me.

I’m a Trustworthy person.

Just because someone identifies as Transgender, does not mean they want to be physical with every person they meet.

Nor are they: Drug Users and/or Dealers, Sex Workers, Thieves etc.

Granted some are, but in all of society there are.

Most of us want to be worthy, Law Abiding, Income Taxation Paying Citizens.

Making Assumptions about someone, is a sign of


Please always ask questions to clarify.

Transgenders are NOT sex objects, fetishes etc.

We are



And deserve to be treated as such.

I’ve worked in jobs where I’ve seen & heard things, however, have never breached privacy.

Many people have stereotyped me, based on others.

I’m an ex cleaner, trains & houses. I’ve been tested by others.

To put people at ease, I have annual Police Checks conducted on myself.

In 2016, I was losing potential cleaning clients & was advised to apply for a Working With Children Check.

I provided more information than required.

Subsequently passed & issued my card, which expires November 2021.

I will reapply in October 2021, & have my annual Police Check conducted too.

My point is, Honest people will always provide proof.

When I put something in writing, I mean it.

I have disclaimers in case numbers are not achieved.

My main purpose of establishing this business is to help everyday humans.

I abhor anyone who’s sole purpose is to rip people off.

Finally, in 1992, I did something stupid, was arrested, & charged. I pled guilty, was given a 12 month good behaviou bond, pay court costs with “No Conviction Recorded.”

I’m so legal I rarely jay walk.

I always touch on & off my travel card, no matter what.

Thanking You All. Hope we have an astounding day & week.

Bullying Sux.

I’ve been bullied all my life, even by relatives.

I’ve realised I’ve done the same thing to others.

I was bullied throughout my childhood, by family members and school associates.

I accepted it because in those days, there was no system in place for anybody, if there was, I was not told.

I was assigned male at birth and felt different from a young age, things got worse when my blister was hatched, as on my father’s side of his family, each of his siblings bore male children.

I was the only one to have a blister and I was blamed for that, why I don’t know, but was.

Most people saw me as an easy target, still do.

I was also struggling with my sexual identity, despite having a girlfriend, felt I was a gurl, but gurls don’t date girls, they date boys, and knew I was not interested in boys.

I was accused of being a faggot, homo, etc. in school, despite no evidence, my school associates and some teachers even accused me too.

My own father was a bully, although again, I did not realise, as he controlled everything we did.

I was scared of him so much and went along with what he wanted. I have written a novel about him, which has allowed my subconscious to finally reveal a lot of forgotten memories, which have allowed me to release my emotions.

Speaking of emotions, as I was assigned male at birth, his perspective was all males do not show emotions as it is a sign of weakness.

I kept my emotions inside me, even when my favourite cousin was killed in a car accident, I did not cry, because it would be seen as weakness.

When dad’s father died, he did not cry, nor did any other male in the family.

Given what I now know in life, I know I was bullied, but then it was just the way things were.

I’m a very shy person who is careful with what I tell people, because even in later life, I have been bullied by others, which is wrong.

I’ve been made to feel like I’m not worthy to be stealing Oxygen, and it hurts.

Everyone is a Human being, and as such, we are all equal, and as we are now seeing with this crisis, those normally shunned by the general population, are now being praised as heroes.

I’m writing my novels to not only reveal very personal information about myself. N.B., In each, there are certain things I say from my perspective growing up.

My goal is to raise enough funds to buy some land and build some houses for those suffering Domestic Violence and also the LGBTIQA+ community who have trouble with Safe, Secure, Stable Accommodation.

Since becoming a LinkedIn member, I have started trusting again and meeting people, both in person pre COVID restrictions and via online meetings.

I’m grateful to everyone who has accepted me, for me, and allowed me to tell my story too. Thank You.

For those reading this who are suffering from bullying, please reach out to me, because U R Not Alone. Cheers, and Thanks All.


Free Small Business Support.

If they have a website, encourage others to stay on there for at least 10 minutes, this allows the ads to load and your friend may receive ad revenue.

Our True Friends will benefit once the business established, well when





Not all Businesses have millions of dollars to throw around on advertising.

Many Small Businesses are doing it tough right now, but if everyday winners showed their support for Small Businesses, then that business may be able to stay in business.

But please, remember to stay on the website for quite a while and read the ads.



© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2021

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

50, 000 Only Available.

Buying my eNovel Bundle for $25 AUD or Australia Only $50 with a Logoed USB Drive, (Includes Free Delivery Aus Wide), you will be eligible for a Free BP.

Nothing further to pay, except for any candles you buy.

BP’s will receive 20% for each candle bought, and will always pay $25 AUD per standard candle, or $50 per Logoed Coffee Mug Candle.

So what is in my eNovel Bundle?

Please check out the below photo.

These bundles may increase in value once I change my surname and/or cark it.

You can read free samples of 10 published eBooks by clicking the below link. I will post the first chapter of M & C this week.


Business Partners will be the first to read future completed novels. These will be uploaded to the BP page.

Please remember, if you have, or plan to obtain, an ABN, the cost might be claimable as a Taxation Deduction. Please check out the latest info below ( Australia Only)


Please be advised, BP’s can come from anywhere around the world.

Video Chatting

Recently someone requested to be friends on Facebook.

We chatted via messenger, and started talking about a relationship.

I’m not that keen.

I told her I’m Transgender, she is alledgedly Lesbian, living on the other side of the country.

She then wanted to meet in person.

I don’t meet anyone in person until we have chatted via video a few times.

She got nasty with me because I suggested it and requested I respect her privacy, yet expected me to pay for a flight and accommodation to meet her.

Sorry, but Safety First.

There’s no way I’m doing what she wants until we are both comfortable.

I feel this person is a scammer and is upto no good, because a genuine person would video chat, especially given these current times.

I will say this again.

Always Video Chat With Someone Before Making Any Costly Moves.