Monday Cleaning Tip: Dusting.

I love & use this duster as its handle is xtendable & the dusting arm is movable.

Coles regular price: $12.

The dusters are disposable.

I have found a cheaper, but just as good duster at Bunnings. Glitz 5 pk.

Did You Know?

Many people do not dust their door frames, tops of doors or ceiling fan blades.

These retain dust which leads to health issues.

Regular dusting of all areas of a home, helps reduce the health risks.

I even dust Bathrooms, Lavatories, Laundries.

You can dust inside your car, boat, caravan, anywhere dust settles.

Added Tip:

Wiping down these surfaces with an anti bacterial cloth, provides added protection.

Coles brand 100 pk does an amazing job.

To remove cobwebs or dust high areas, use a long handled broom. Please ensure someone is there for safety.

I also suggest wearing PPE




Safety First Always.

Hope this has helped you all.

Tomorrow: Saving Water When Moping.


Cancer Sux.

Wilma Fay Jensen 18/09/1939- 30/07/1991.

As I write this, I’m crying thinking about my mum.

30 years ago today, I lost her to Bowel Cancer.

Because of my sister, I feel mum died earlier than she should have.

During mums time in hospital, in Sydney, I was unable to visit.

As my parents owned a Mixed Business in North West NSW.

When mum was released, she spent much of her time in our upstairs flat.

It was hard watching her go through this as she had previously been an active person.

I had no one to support me.

As I was male, was not allowed to show my emotions, and bottled them up.

My last conversation with mum was hours before she died.

Driving back, I had to stop and let loose my emotions, because I knew it was the last time I would see her alive.

Dad never knew, I’m aware.

My grandmother paid for the funeral, as such, mum is buried near her father.

Please, if anyone has any symptons, get checked out immediately.

Life is too short to allow these awful diseases to take control of us.

Getting checked out early and having regular tests, hopefully can prolong your life.

Pic is last taken with all 3 of us, at my 21st, in 1986, yes that is my ugle mug in the middle


Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia. After Dark.

These photos were taken in 2019, by a friend visiting from New Zealand.

Yes, that is me in the first photo, ready for a big night out and it was.

Melissa Jensen/Angry.


This is a recent video I recorded.

Mention my disgust about the ruling in US.

Talk about growing up.

Meeting my 1st, & Only, girlfriend.

Being molested.

Viciously assaulted.

Forced to drink beer, smoke cigarettes & play pokies at 14.

Forced to treat women like dirt.

Forced to do male activities, because I was assigned male at hatching.

Cleaners Are Not Miracle Workers.


This is a recent video I recorded.

This was prompted from customers expecting more from the 1st clean.

The agency I contract for, we do not know anything about the customers home until we arrive to start the clean.

I invite everyone to subscribe to my channel too.


Β© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I’m 57 and over that time, have been the victim of β€œDirty Tricks.”

I will explain:

Many people will take 1 look at me and assume the worst about me, without trying to get to know me.

To get people against me, lies will be spread.

My Honest Opinion is because I’m a loner, it makes me an easy target, because most of the time those who tell the lies, will have witnesses, whereas I usually don’t.

In 1981, I was accused of touching the breast of a fellow student. To this day, I still say, if I did, it was accidental.

However, the β€œVictim” had witnesses to back up her story.

As a result, I was found guilty and punished:

12 Strokes of the Cane, yes, it was in use then, thankfully not now.

These girls did not feel my punishment was severe enough, and decided to play a joke on me.

This joke resulted in me almost dying, but they stopped me from becoming a Father. A 16 year old boy told he can’t procreate, hurts his ego very much.

When I was 14 years old, My First, And Only, Girlfriend, broke up with me.

I wanted to go talk to her, to hopefully see if we could rekindle the relationship.

However, I was told:

β€œLeave Her Alone, She Hates You, You Are Better Off Finding A Girl Who Will Love And Obey You.”

I did not agree with that statement, nor did I want to let her go, but because it was my father, accepted he knew best.

Honestly, He Didn’t.

To This Day, I regret not following my Heart and at least trying to talk to her.

In 1992, I started thinking about her from the second I woke up, until I fell asleep.

I told dad, however, his response was:

β€œForget Her, She Is Married, With a Couple Of Children And Living At Leonay.

Leonay is located just north of Penrith NSW, Australia.

I since found out this information was incorrect.

In 1998, a workplace friendship ended, because others misunderstood me.

I was working with males, who all felt my friend and I were intimate, and even when I would deny it, this spurred them more, because they did not believe Males & Females could just be Friends.

This conflict, caused my friend and I to terminate our friendship.

However, someone decided to make things worse and told another friend of hers, who then spread these lies during a Drug Session.

Instead of coming to ask me if this was true or not, no.

This ex-friend, went to the Police and demanded an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against me.

When I found out, yes, was angry.

I had to organise a day off to be in court.

N.B. I was notified late the day before my court appearance, which made things worse.

In court, she had her Family’s Top Barrister, and I only had me.

Thankfully, it was a minor hearing. The main hearing was set down for a few weeks later.

I was put on Leave until this had been sorted, so I was unable to get any witnesses or talk to anyone.

Being a Bus Driver, I was banned from travelling on any buses from my area.

I was working in the same area I resided.

I was able to find a Solicitor, who took on my case.

On the day of the hearing, My Solicitor got up and requested some amendments, which were granted.

This ex-friend was also issued an AVO, and breached the order more than once. However, each time, I was unaware.

Because of this issue, I transferred depots.

To date, we have not been in contact, nor do I want anything to do with her.

I’ve had others who have resorted to dirty tricks to get rid of me.

When I was in a Higher Position (Temporary) someone saw me taking headache tablets one day and mistook them for harder, legal drugs, and went to my boss.

Despite a search of my personal belongings and me passing a Drug Test, I was ordered to attend counselling sessions.

Another time, a colleague decided to verbally abuse me in front of customers. I turned around to calm down and count. Unfortunately, because of where I was standing, this person made an assumption and contacted our Supervisor who arrived with medical assistance.

I was removed from duty without allowing me to explain and driven home.

Again, I was ordered to attend counselling. Thankfully, I was on full pay.

N.B. The person who made the assumptions, was very lazy and would spend over half the shift drinking coffee, instead of doing our job.

When I was finally allowed to return, was placed with someone else who told me, they did not believe what this other person spread about me.

Several months later, I was sent to a new location, however, my reputation had already been tarnished as the idiots I was assigned to work with, had been misinformed about me.

This caused lots of issues, and were part of why I accepted redundancy.

I was accused of sending emails to the bosses about the other staff, despite no evidence, I was kept in the dark about almost everything.

In 2015, I befriended a teen trans gurl, and despite neither of us seeking an intimate relationship. I hoped to learn from this gurl.


FYI: Because she was a minor, there was no way in the world I would have allowed us to be alone in private until she turned 18.

Unfortunately, someone made the assumption I was lying then they told her vicious lies about me, which she then spread online.

I have tried to reconnect with this person to explain, however, she has disappeared.

N.B. I undergo Annual Police Checks plus also have my Working With Children Check Card, Plus write a legally Binding Document.

Because of what this twerp did to me, I demand written agreements from everyone and provide same too.

Recently I tested someone to see what they would do.

I won’t go into details, however, those involved became ice cold towards me, even more so.

Update: I was asked to leave, instead of being allowed a discussion about my Feelings & Safety Concerns.

In 2018 I became friends with a woman online. She was married.

Her sister assumed I wanted more than a friendship & sent me a warning message, telling my to stay away from her sister.

I showed this message to my friend who got upset with her sister


What happened?

I was kicked out of her life.

I think about her at times & hope she is happy.

I’m sick of shallow, judgemental, insecure people. Most find it easier to tell lies than talk to others.

Most Males will resort to Dirty Tricks because they are competitive and want to win, and will stop at nothing to be β€œThe Best”

You know what?

Those who resort to dirty tricks are not worth our time, because their tricks will be unravelled in time.

Anyone who resorts to Dirty Tricks is:


My advice, if someone tells you something, do your research, includes talking to those being lied about.

Education is the Key To Knowledge.

I apologise for the length of this post and how boring it is.

Wishing you all a Super Fantabulously Productive Month.





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Monday June 20th, 2022


Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen

Co CCM Mel’s Customised Candles

AKA M A Seymour (Smashwords Author Name).

This document remains in force until further notice, & is subject to change, with at least 30 days advance notice.

Each buyer will receive an emailed copy too.

FYI: I do not promise to make anyone rich overnight, you must have a long term vision, at least 5 years, however, no one knows what will happen.

My goal is to help Everyday Winners start their journey towards Financial Freedom & Security

Work Smarter, Not Harder

How Many of You are sick of the 9-5 scam?

Have you thought about working for yourself?

Wealthy Winners have Multiple Incomes.

Seeking opportunities may be far better than your current circumstances, especially with everything going ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

Smart People are Wealthy, because

They Invest more of their income.

Poor people stay poor, because

They spend all of their income

And Exist

Beyond their means.

Many poor people have a

Take, Take, Take, Others Owe Them.

Everyone has the capabilities of


If you live in Australia, you may be able to obtain Tax Deductions, if you have an ABN.


Bateman’s Bay NSW, Australia.

In 2013, I travelled to Bateman’s Bay to meet a friend, who lived in Moruya.

The photos below are some of what I took from cabin at:


In my cabin, I had a double bed, spa bath, full kitchen usage, lounge, dining suite, TV & dvd player. I was able to park my rental car at the front door.

Great shopping centre in Bateman’s Bay too.

I didn’t really do much tourist things.

I stayed 2 nights & relaxed so much.

Around 4 hour drive from Sydney.

2-3 hours from Canberra.

You can drive the Princes Highway to Melbourne, via the cost through Gippsland.

I highly recommend a stay here, even if just overnight.


Β© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I will admit, I’m aiming this blog at young people, to hopefully educate them about the Environment as you will all be around longer than me, and I want to help you all.

Granted I’m 57, I grew up playing outside, although restricted.

When I lived at home, I never cared about the bills: Power, Landline or Water. Yes, growing up, they were the only bills most had, we never had Gas.

Once I started living alone and paying for my own power, I came up with an idea.

Before leaving home each day, I would turn of and disconnect non-essential appliances. The only appliance left on always, was the fridge/freezer.

Even when I went away for a couple of weeks, I defrosted the freezer, and cleaned the fridge. I left it disconnected too.

My power bill each quarter was under $100.

Every place I have lived since, I have turned off and disconnected non-essential appliances, when not in use.

In 2021, my housemate obtained a FIFO job. They would be gone for 9 days per fortnight.

At the time, it was only them and me sharing.

I would disconnect any appliance I was not using.

I would open windows during the day to get fresh air.

Around 3pm, I would close them, then run the air conditioner and ceiling fans for around 2 hours, this would cool the house down.

Blinds would be closed too, to keep the house cool.

After 2 hours, I would turn the a/c off and leave lights off too, unless I needed light.

I was lucky, we had solar panels on the roof, however, I still disconnect unused appliances.

Another reason I do this, is to prolong the life of appliances.

Leaving them connected and turned on, can burn the wires and cause a short circuit.

A reason why I’ve written this blog is to save you all $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Another thing:

To save the Environment even more, please recycle when possible.

Crush boxes and cans, and also plastic bottles where possible.

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